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Dec 5, 2012 9:00am PST
this. this is in bell fast where the city council voted to stop displaying the union flag. loyalists were upset about it. about 1,000 of them tried to storm the city council building. >> it must have been a highly contested issue to have almost a split vote within the city council as it was. people must have been paying close attention and then to have this much violence is shocking. >> city council members were saying this is not the image. police are saying we could have shut the city down but did not expect this type of reaction. and who would to a city council decision? >>> if you are watching the show right now with your laptop or tablet in hand -- >> we have video to go. >> no need to change the channel. just head to >> there you will find an extra video for all you multi tke. click on best of watch. >> when you are done we'll see you right back here. >>> and still to come dad breaks some heartbreaking news to his son. >> here comes the tears. his face so sad. the dad is trying to console him. >> are you okay? >> find out what made this little boy burst int
Dec 20, 2012 9:00am PST
of sparkly lights. this time just hovering over the city, steven. >> again, we're not seeing anything. it starts with a completely dark screen. there's no way to compare where they are at. >> about to change. you're going to see the city. there's the city. >> you know what, though, why are we thinking aliens. this could be santa. >> dry run. >> doing a dry run for the route. >> i just said ufo. who said anything about aliens. >> look, it's hovering and changing positions and all the lights are glowing. >> i will say this is one of the better ones we've had. >> that's a good shot right there because you see both of them for a long period of time. >> you can see the city, how big it is, see the sparkling lights and see it teeter totter. >> either ufo or experimental aircraft chilean government may not want you to know about. >> did somebody wake up and say something probed me last night. >> people claimed to see it that night. no one so far has spoken of probing. to answer your question, the chilean air force according to some reports said it was a t-35 aircraft. >> maybe they had it de
Dec 12, 2012 1:00pm PST
collapses on a city street while his dog refused to move from the owner's side. >> wh happens when the ambulance starts to tyake his master away. >>> thugs decide to rob a chicken joint. when the manager decided -- >> not on my watch. >> see who's chicken now, huh. >>> plus, where do christmas trees come from? >>> and what do you do if you're stuck in the atlanta airport? >> if you're one of justin bieber's back-up dancers -- you dance! >>> nothing quite like the feeling of flight. yes, two people here in a tandem ultralight flying slow and low over the gorgeous countryside, it looks like fall time, the colors on the ground are spectacular. don't you want to be up there? >> this gives me chills, this is southeast and this is how beautiful it is. >> chills, you say? >> yeah. >> how about now, when the engine sounds goes like this. >> the roar of the engine suddenly turns to more of a -- purr. the ultralight immediately starts to lose altitude. you see the pilot's helmet cam looking around. you see nothing but a sea of trees. luckily a rural road appears. >> a small ribbon of safety
Dec 20, 2012 1:00pm PST
the boston herald. this is high school basketball game between east boston and madison park. boston city rivals. wait until you see the finish on this. johnny bowden was shooting a three. that means three free throws. put madison park up 42-40. he misses the third free throw on the purpose to try to run out the clock. but watch this. boom, that is an 80-foot cannon of a shoot from pat santos. gets the rebound, launches this ball the length of the court. obviously a three-pointer, puts his team up 43-42, no time left. crowd rushes to the court. game over. >> should have ran out. one second. one second. >> madison park coach obviously not so happy with the finish but the hero for the day. >> please tell me that's the quarterback for the high school because he can really throw that ball. >> he's definitely got an arm. it's something you can't practice. that's just an athlete being an athlete. awesome finish to a game. >> this is ellie with 10 reasons why boobs are great. >> one, babies get free food from them. >> no. >> please. >> no. i'm not giving you milk from my nipples for your coffee.
Dec 17, 2012 1:00pm PST
on a city bus. >> watch what happens. >> as a woman calmly delivers her own baby. >> get out of here. >> a rider competes in a motorcross race. >> this isn't this guy's day. >> what got in his way of the title. >> remember that stolen poodle with a mohawk. >> we have a update. >> hear what led to a happy ending. >> yay! >> see why you don't want to unwrap this one. >> that is sick. ♪ >>> it's early morning, you have people on the bus in china on december 12th, this woman right here, in a pink jakt gets on the bus with her 3-year-old child. she tells the people on the bus, that i'm having stomach pains, and she's going to the hospital. she's 39 years old, and nine months pregnant. . >> does she know that? >> she does, and she's feeling she is in labor. >> jostling the baby on the bus. >> that may have something to do with it, but eventually here on the bus, her water breaks. >> the bus driver brings into action. starts flashing his emergency lights, speeding toward the hospital, you see her push her pants down. >> she just pulled the baby out of herself? >> yes. >> someone pass the
Dec 3, 2012 1:00pm PST
going on with m in kenya. it's a mini bus that takes people around the city and elsewhere. some people on the internet say that the drivers aren't necessarily the safest drivers and the reason they were striking is because they were unhappy with an amended traffic act that proposed stiffer penalties to those breaking traffic rules. so then people had nowhere to go but the trains and other forms of transportation.fá of course that led to scenes like this. people fighting over cabs, vehicles, and it looked like even though the people were packed, they were helping each other through the windows to get everyone on. >> in the train scenes you see people sling and laughing. >> that's a guy on the back of the train hanging on there like riots in the streets. fires in the streets. all over this strike from the drivers. you see people getting beaten, stomped, kicked, all in result of this strike. fortunately it just came downq n friday and the chairman said an agreement has been reached with the transport secretary in kenya to hopefully end this madness and things can go back to normal. >>> d
Dec 6, 2012 1:00pm PST
was traveling through the streets of mexico city and as you can imagine police on motorcycles were leading this motorcade. take a look at what happened. >> whoa. >> oh. >> what the -- >> was he attacked? >> no. he was speeding down the street and forget there was a speed bump there. >> oh, my. >> that was -- >> speed bump sent the guy catapulting off his bike. >> he was going too fast leading this presidential convoy, hit the speed bump and goes flying. watch this again. >> oh, my good ness. >> good thing the guy who was second in line noticed what he hit and told everybody to slow down. >> people come to his aid. he gets up. his white shirt completely covered with dirt, with marks from the road. >> how embarrassing for him, though. he's the leader of the pack and the president's right behind, right. and then -- oops. >> it honestly looks like the speed bump is spring loaded. >> he seems a little disoriented, little freaked out but he's moving. i think ultimately he was okay. just his pride a little scraped up. >> it's time for another edition of gayle's animal round up. this one starts in
Dec 7, 2012 1:00pm PST
of the milwaukee city hall. >> a clown? >> a clown. >> bicycle with a teddy bear on the back. >> look at what happens when the cop approaches him? they get into a full-on fight and the whole thing was captured on video by a driver that was driving by, mitch cooper. >> i happened to look to my right because there was a little bit of movement and i saw a police officer approach this man that was kind of dressed like a clown but you couldn't really tell. it was weird. how could i not capture this on video and show it to my friends. >> the cop approached him because the clown was trying to squirt people that were driving by with a squirt gun. >> you dedicate yourself to a craft, you stick to it. >> this clown is also apparently a bit of an activist and they do see him near government buildings all the time. so possibly, maybe, he's creating a bit of a ruckus. >> with a water gun? >> it's cold in milwaukee. >> and then next thing you know they're on the ground rolling around and the officer started punching him and the clown was resisting. the cop needed to do what he needed to do to make sure tha
Dec 14, 2012 1:00pm PST
-cart halls down a city street. but -- >> watch what happens when the light turns red. >> oh -- >> the video we're watching comes to us from dean. you see a group of climbers descending a peak in nepal. it's hard to breathe, easy to hyper ventilate. not to mention a storm came through and made temperatures 20 degrees fahrenheit. what if i told you right before this video, one of the members of their group had a pretty serious accident. a woman named debra fell about 15 feet. in doing so shattered her ankle and lower leg. in these photos from dean, you see part of the rescue attempt. this is some scary stuff because debra is saying things like i don't want to die. at 19,000 feet, anything is possible. >> it's not like they can call emergency services. >> they are on their own but did get some help. they are able to rig up a rope rescue that got her to a safe area where a helicopter could come pick her up. the helicopter did make it but not without issues. it took six landing attempts for this helicopter to get where they needed to be. >> did they stay with her? >> they had to. people were giv
Dec 24, 2012 1:00pm PST
to her world. >>> four grinches tried to steal the christmas of an oklahoma city family. it was all caught on surveillance camera. it all started with the blue sedan that you see crossing in front of their house. the family later learned this blue sedan was basically casing the joint. there were four people inside of this car. through this camera you can see one of the guys breaking in the back door. you can see mr. saggy pants here taking high-priced items. they also stole a gun from inside the house. but watch what they do next. they go under the whalen family christmas tree, and they start ripping open the presents. beyond that, they then throw the christmas tree down on the ground, making a mess. and then they flee from the house. >> they flee like rats. >> we think they ran away because they heard the noise of the family coming back in. then the heartbreaking part, we see on the surveillance footage the young children in this family coming in to their christmas completely destroyed on the floor. >> man. >> awful. >> had to be hard to explain that to these kids. >> how do you ex
Dec 6, 2012 9:00am PST
on a road betweens crescent city and humble, california. now you can see road crews are there trying to clean stuff up, get the road cleared away so people can get through. the one tree wasn't the only one that fell. >> oh. >> almost went right in the back of their truck. >> it almost did. they had to move this truck out of the way because the trees didn't stop falling. you always hear about mudslides and heavy rains kind of weaken the soil. well that's what happened here because the trees weren't done collapsing. >> yeah. >> right there. those are the roots. the roots are coming up. watch. >> oh, geez. >> oh, wow. that was a huge, old tree. >> what do you call that? road closed. >>> pilot had to be helped from his plane after he kind of missed sticking the landing. he wound up putting his light aircraft into some high tension power lines in south korea. the plane hit the wires and sort of flipped upside down and is caught in 22,900 volts -- ♪ >> -- of course they turned the power off before they tried to fetch this guy. not the place you want to land. these guys have to be hoisted
Dec 11, 2012 9:00am PST
of the city turned white in a matter of hours. here's one more video from that same youtube channel. you see the cars get buried. >> this stopped travel in southeastern europe and even a handful of deaths were reported as a result of this storm. >> is this more than they're usually used to? what's so odd about this one? >> they had unusually warm temperatu temperatures for the fall. now heavy winds an with the snowfall. >>> it may not like like it, but this is cutting edge technology if you're a syrian rebel. basically what you're looking at is a tank. they've got armor cladding built over an old car chassis. they've got a gun mounted turret up top. but look. if you noticed, there are no windows on this tank. of course that wouldcompromise the security of a tank. instead they'vemounted cameras drive via camera view. the gun turret looks to be operated by a police station controller. >> yeah. i was like, this doesn't look like warfare equipment. it looks more like a game. >> if you're fighting a government-funded military, and this is all you've got to work with, this is pretty good. >> that
Dec 13, 2012 9:00am PST
again. >> he cooperated with authorities this time around and is in city jail being held on $225,000 bond as well as facing felony theft and escape in addition to the original charges of burglary of the nearby storep. . >>> santa. >> oh. >> these lady activists are back. this time they try to break into the ukrainian parliament and, of course, in true femen fashion they were basically topless. >> and it's cold. >> they're calling this protest nice move. they're dressed as horses. they feel like they were treated like animals and they believe that is very representative of what the ukrainian government is doing right now. that they're acting like animals. >> got to give it to these girls. thae time you see them out at a protest they get manhandled, toughed and stuffed hard. >> you're right. in this other video i have of the protests you see one of the guards grabbing one of the girls really roughly. >> when you're half nude you're definitely a little more vulnerable, a little more susceptible to getting knocked around and it hurting. >> the femen don't lack passion and always get
Dec 19, 2012 9:00am PST
of the lesser known tragedies in small towns and big cities all across america every day. since friday morning, a police officer was gunned down in memphis leading four children without their mother. two officers were killed outside a grocery store in topeka. a woman was shot and killed inside the las vegas casino. three people were shot inside an alabama hospital. and four-year-old was caught in a drive-by in missouri and taken off life support yesterday. each one of these americans was a victim of the everyday gun violence that takes the lives of more than tens thousand americans every year. violence that we cannot accept as a routine. so i will use all the powers of this office to help advance efforts aimed at preventing more tragedies like this. we will not prevent them all, but that cannot be an excuse not to try. it will not be easy, but that cannot be an excuse not to try. i am not going to be able to do it by myself. ultimately, if this effort is to succeed, it is going to require the help of the american people. it will acquire all of you. if we're going to change things, it's going t
Dec 25, 2012 9:00am PST
. there they are back in the hangar having a little party. i have to say good for city jet for putting this together. >>> nothing says seasons greetings. >> wwb. >> sweaty big wrestlers and their diva sisters. a spin on jingle bell like only wwe. >> ring the bell ring will bell. >> not jingle bell. >> dashing through the show so we can entertain hope i land on pain. >> i love it. apparently you don't have to sing this in a team. >> step into that ring. >> yes, yes, okay yes. >> i'm not going to sing. >> they did a nice thing, donated to charity. >> in the spirit of giving we've donated money on your behalf from the children's fund. >> some don't know how to shave the mean grimace. >> that's who they are as people. >> if you could be a wrestler, what's your wrestling personality. >> i'd have to be crazy. i'd have a lasso and cowboy hat. >> got a name for beth's wrestling character. go to our facebook page, >> surf's up. >> santa can surf. not just one santa but a ton of santas. >> find out why they traded sleighs for surfboards. all is merry. >> things are going well af
Dec 27, 2012 2:00pm EST
. look there. >> you can see from this video that this is a city scape. i mean, this woman looks like she's a few floors up above a parking garage. >> she's a distance away from the tornado, but it's still terrifying. >> it's one thing to see these big funnel clouds in some cornfield, but people are shooting these videos from apartment buildings or their homes or residences. >> this storm did damage houses, high schools, a walgreens. in fact, we have video from the surveillance camera the a the walgreens in mobile. watch this as the tornado blows through. >> look at all that stuff that's just being tossed around. >> cars, debris. you can see the force of the wind. >> we've got a couple of different angles of surveillance footage. you see the rain. you see the wind. people running for cover. people running in to the walgreens to take cover. >> you can even see the wind forcing its way through the door blowing things off the shelves. >> according to reports, this tornado touches downed aaron 5:00 p.m. on the evening of christmas day. you can imagine. people were with their families. >> dear
Dec 10, 2012 9:00am PST
-old ruby shastain. ruby lives in oklahoma city now, but she and her sister were adopted from an orphanage in ethiopia. in this video we are seeing the moment that ruby is hearing her mom's words for the first time. ruby was just fitted with a cochlear implant. >> can you hear mama? can you hear me? can you? >> how the mom says, can you hear me? can you really hear me? >> she's like yeah. >> i love you, sweetie. oh, my goodness gracious. >> her eyes were full of tears. >> she's looking around to figure out where it comes from. >> the other girl is ruby's sister. she, too, was fitted with a cochlear implant. we're seeing them understand the idea of sound for the first time. you can see the emotion and reaction in the mom's face. >> i have a huge lump in my throat. i really thought i was going to lose it. >> how exciting for all of them. this changes all their lives. think about how much communication they can do now. i mean this is great all the way around. >> well, and the sound of mom's voice is also so comforting. so for her, i bet it's nice to be able to now know what mom sounds like. >
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)